Aiken/Allendale Artifact from November Meeting

At our last meeting we had a wonderful time. We talked about how the Aiken group is having problems at the church because of the liability. They feel that the basketball program could be an issue. The Aiken group is going to try to have the after school program at Aiken middle. If basketball is still a liability they then are going to change the program to make it focus on different games. Allendale students talked about they were already starting the tutoring program with kids in their elementary school. They said it was a good success. They discussed their plans to speak in Atlanta. The adults talked about the ‘Art Commission Program. Ms. Lily showed us how to blog on the website . Then we went to eat good food in the USCA   cafeteria with current students. We had a fun and had a good time. — RJ Corley, Aiken, NGLN


Lillian Reeves

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