Na’Zae’s Update from Our Last SC Meeting

Aour last meeting we, introduced a new member to the Allendale group. We then discussed what the Allendale girls did on their trip to Atlanta. Next, we explained the progress we’ve made with our project in Aiken with the younger age groups at our local elementary school. We finally got approved to go forward with our monthly afterschool program, which took a couple weeks of planning. They are even providing transportation and there are even more kids asking to come to our program.

Ms. Lillian asked us how we feel about our communication with the other groups, also what we think about the website. Everyone agreed that communication is bad and that the site is hard to work and manage to keep up with everyone, so we came up with an idea of an “APP”. We discussed it for about 30 minutes and we think it would really benefit our program even better, because now a day everyone is using their phones and apps so why not make our own that could give us: important dates, events, discussions even we could get in better touch with other groups to see what we can do differently to make our goals better.

After, we talked about the upcoming events: our Navajo Nation/Arizona meeting, CEEAAS meeting in Columbia, our summer meeting in Vermont, also the meeting at Clemson, South Carolina.  

Lillian Reeves

2 Responses to “Na’Zae’s Update from Our Last SC Meeting

  • Thanks for the SC entry! It’s so great to read the thoughts of our young leaders!

  • Ceci Lewis
    3 years ago

    I hope you all haven’t given up on that APP. I need it! Particularly the reminders, etc. I can hardly wait to see you in June!

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