WTS Louisville: Middlebury, VT Video

New Video Up! Give it a look.


WTS Louisville: Middlebury, VT Video


Robert Spencer

5 Responses to “WTS Louisville: Middlebury, VT Video

  • Nick,
    There is no way in the world that I am worried; you all are in control driving this bus of awesomeness! Thanks for leading the network. Great film.

  • Oops, I mean Robbie! Sorry. I had all the Nick images in my head. Great videography. I see why you are so passionate about your camera. You are a magic maker, Robbie.

    • Robert Spencer
      1 year ago

      Haha thanks Ceci, it means a lot to me to hear you say that. ?

  • Robbie, this is beautiful work. Thanks for sharing it here, and in the GroupMe conversation. Could I feature this in the Bread Loaf Teacher Network Journal, scheduled to be published this fall?


  • Lou Bernieri
    11 months ago

    That’s a wonderful video, Robbie! Without a narrative to distract us, the viewer is mesmerized by the imagery and music. The camerawork and editing are excellent.. I know a bit about film….the editing, where the film is made, is especially impressive.

    It would be interesting for people who didn’t know the story to view the video and react to it. What do you feel is going on from the music and imagery?

    Great work! No doubt you need to pursue your talent in film.

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