The Questions With No True Answer

Why are we here? What is out goal? What can we achieve? In a standard classroom setting, these questions tend to lead to basic, simple, one-sentence answers. I consider myself to be more of an existentialist than most my age, and I’m not satisfied with those one-sentence answers. Neither is anyone else here. No one here is content when we’re given restrictions by these simplistic solutions to pressing questions. So why are we here? What is our goal? What can we achieve? I don’t know, and neither I nor anyone else here will every truly know. But that doesn’t mean we don’t try to figure it out. As our work continues, we will alter our answers to better represent all the work we’ve done. These questions are the backbone to our learning. They provide the rocket fuel to really make a difference.

These complex questions may have no “true” solution, but we still need to try to answer them. So why are we here, what’s our goal, and what can we achieve? We’re here because we’re all motivated, inspired, and persistent young adults who want to make a difference in out communities. Through this guidance system, we can connect with each other and discuss and help solve different issues. All of us are activists and when we come together, we’re unstoppable.

Emily Pecsok

One Response to “The Questions With No True Answer

  • Tom McKenna
    4 years ago

    Hi Emily,
    I love that you welcome complexity and that you are persistent in thinking through and about complex issues. Since you created this post, have you been thinking any further about the kinds of work you want to do with NGLN? Who is your thinking partner and what are you proposing to talk and think together about?
    Looking forward to learning more,

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