What Have I Learned by Dixie

My expectations about these young people as thought leaders, researchers, advocates, speakers, teachers was totally inadequate. Which I think may be one of the key problems with public education. Our job as a network is to match the opportunities in learning to the realities of these young people’s knowledge, talent, lives, skills, experience.

Why are we here? What is NGLN?

We need a new conception of literacy that’s born out of engagement and agency. NextGen is a social action community formed to to create a new narrative about what young people bring to public education and what they can do. That’s what we want.

Lillian Reeves

One Response to “What Have I Learned by Dixie

  • Tom McKenna
    4 years ago

    Dear Dixie,

    You’ve been spot on for the many years I’ve known you about needing to attend to “a new conception of literacy.” It’s wild how conventions and utility of language change under our feet, and how our systems are so slow to adapt and to get beyond colonialist, static, notions of good writing and good literacy. I lead one of those systems, and am under plenty of pressure to keep it in tact. I keep thinking how versions of the Lawrence Bill of Rights might help us to leverage change in institutions where the structures of accountability keep the status quo.

    But what is that new conception, specifically? I get that agency needs to be more highly valued and supported and catalyzed by schools. I think about that a million times a day. But what are the literacy nuances and valued traits in “advocacy literacy” — literacy that gets things done? What kinds of rhetorical tools help us get ideas to action?

    Hasta tomorrow,

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