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Since a young age, I’ve always been one to keep myself busy. I don’t like being idle… it drives me crazy…. but also being busy drives me crazy too but I’d rather have something to do than nothing at all. ABL gave me an outlet to push myself creatively but I also had the opportunity to prove and work on my leadership skills.  Without my ABL experience, I don’t think I would’ve been prepared to take on NGLN and it’s Steering Committee.

When we all left Vermont in June, I embarked on the busiest and most fulfilling summer of my life. I had no breaks. It was straight “work.” I say “work” because honestly I love what I’m doing and every hour I invest in my city, and cities like mine, is an hour well spent. My role in Elevated Thought and ABL became filled with more opportunities and responsibilities. I got to travel to the Bahamas to present my undergraduate research on Nuyorican Activism. A few weeks after that I then spent a life-changing week with ABL and Contextos in El Salvador learning from the student and teachers and exchanging barrio relevant and freeing poetry. This summer really changed how I viewed and valued not only myself, but my work, my city, and the ways of the world.

This past September, literally the weekend after I moved into my dorm, I traveled to Baton Rouge, Lousiana with fellow Writing Leader Rafa Dobles to train 50 Writing Leaders and 20 teachers in the ABL methodologies we’ve both grown up with. And next weekend I’ll be presenting on Youth Leadership panel at the National Council of Teachers of English Conference in St. Louis, with Monica, Yulissa, Gorham, and Beverly Moss. I’m so excited to continue sharing the work of ABL. I also just recently got accepted to a study course over the winter to study art and culture in Belize that I’m really looking forward to as I’ll be working with local high school and middle school students who I will sure as h*** expose to ABL style poetry and learning!

I think I’ve mentioned this before but I’m the president of La Sociedad Latinx at BSU, my university, and it’s a whole lotta work. I like the challenge because I basically act as a teacher, student, and principal all at once. I get to create the curriculum and also manage positions and roles and handle logistics but also learn so much about myself and other cultures on the way. I get to really infuse my passion for art, spoken word, and social justice into everything I do. The reason I bring this up because what I’ve learned from this presidential position is really helping me manage my time and relationships between my academics, social life, art and activist work.

Right now I’m trying to keep myself connected to ABL but being so far away creates a distance. I just want my ABL and NGLN fam to know that I’m here for y’all and if I can help I will try my best to do what I can!

Amaryllis Lopez

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  • Lou Bernieri
    4 years ago

    Amaryllis is an ethical and creative tsunami. Her love and imagination overwhelm all kinds of alienation and oppression.

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