Why Are We Here?

Yá’ át’ ééh! shí eí Amber Billie yinishyé. Shí ‘éí Táchii’nii nishłįį dóó Dził tł’ ahnii bá shíshchíín. Kinyaa’ áanii éí dashicheii dóó Kinyaa’ áanii éí dashinálí. ‘Ákót’ éego ‘éí ‘asdzání nishłį. Hello!, my name is Amber Billie. I am the Red Running Into The Water clan, born for the Mountain Cove clan. My maternal and paternal grandfathers’ clan is the Towering House clan. I am from New Mexico. I am a rising Senior at Tse ‘Yi’ Gai High School. I am apart of the BLTN Next-Gen: La Casa Roja from the Navajo Nation. It was only right for me to introduce myself in my language. I am grateful for the opportunity of being here and sharing my problems and concerns in my community on the Navajo reservation.

For the next following days from July 12-15, we will be discussing, networking, and changing the different issues in our communities. We will be able to connect with the different youths from the six different locations, where we would be able to resolve the issues and concerns in our communities. We are here because we want to make a difference and change the world because we are the next generation of leaders. Coming from the Navajo Nation, we have some issues and concerns that need to be fixed from the help of other youths. With the help of BLTN Next-Gen, we would be able to get over that barrier.

Amber Billie

2 Responses to “Why Are We Here?

  • Natasha Ellis
    4 years ago

    Hey! Amber your entry was amazing, its great how confident you are with your language and even though I don’t fully understand it , I like the idea of me trying to understand. Also when you translated it and I found its meaning it felt poetic as if where you were from wasn’t a place on Earth but some place unique and enriched in its own culture. You did an awesome job!!

  • Ceci Lewis
    4 years ago

    I am so happy that you are NGLN. This is fascinating and fabulous. The issue(s) that you address, the outreach that you will perform, the changes that will be made in your community have the potential to spread and spread, much like the pollen of corn. Together, as a network, we have the potential to reshape this crazy place we call home.

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