Project: Whats Up Down There

As we paired with one another, one of two topics I was interested in tackling was sex ed. I knew that in the past I wasn’t successful, but the experience and knowledge I gained was more important. One of the topics Eva and I wanted to addresswas gender diversity, and from there, we grouped together with Kaila because of the similar passions and interests we share in women’s health. All of us were so excited about working together that we decided to brainstorm after lunch about what we wanted to do. Of course, it took a while to decide how we would approach our project, but eventually, we agreed to starting a social media campaign, and that’s how Whats Up Down There started. We knew that it would be easier to showcase our project and connect through Instagram from our respective geographical locations. From there, we created an Instagram page, and we’re planning on creating mini pamphlets (zines) about various topics within sex ed. That day, so many ideas were shared, in fact, we stayed up late planning our goals for this project. I look forward to continuing working on my passion for sex ed, even while I’m in college.

Iishe Davis

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  • Ceci Lewis
    4 years ago

    This sounds phenomenal! I hope that I will be able to access the zine and the blog that you all are writing. Women’s health issues are so important and as we have seen, they are the first things on the medical bill chopping blocks. How can we get teenage girls to recognize that their bodies are theirs, not the medias or someone elses? I am so happy your group is working on this. Thank you. If I can be of any help, just say the word.

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