Moving Forward

Since the weeks I, and many other talented teenagers, left the Bread Loaf campus so many ideas have been racing through my mind. While I was there I established that I want to look at the environmental injustice in the city of Louisville, but the problem I was facing was: what to do? Fast-forward three and a half weeks I have devised a rough three-pronged plan moving forward.

The first step is to do a bunch of research culminating in an Opt-Ed article that I will submit to the Courier Journal possibly. The reason I want to write this Opt-Ed article is when I was working on my ‘What’s the Story?’ project I found people did not have any idea about the urban heat island effect and the environmental injustice in Louisville; therefore, I want to try to inform the public. The point of writing the article is to not get publish, but to make a piece of writing that will inform someone that know nothing about the subject and after reading it will know a enough about the problem to see that it is a problem that needs to be addressed! The second step is to make a documentary about the environmental injustice. Even though I do not have much talent whatsoever with making videos; I have a network of people to contact and call out for help when it is needed. I hope to contact city planners, and city leaders that have continued to fight against this problem. Lastly, I hope to move to policy and possibly propose an idea of how to start to solve the problem to the city council. The reason I chose this is because at EKU I will be apart of the political action team which is apart of the Kentucky Student Environmental Coalition, so I will have two networks to ask for help.

I understand this task is going to be daunting, but who is the network? We are the network.

Nick Koenig

2 Responses to “Moving Forward

  • Tom McKenna
    4 years ago

    Hi Nick,
    I’m interested in your thinking here and glad you’ve shared thoughts about the forthcoming Op-Ed article, and about a documentary. On the Op Ed, please feel free to use our group as a resource for sharing drafts. I’d love to respond. I’d think a short documentary piece on the heat islands themselves could be really powerful.
    When are you going to start this work?

  • Ceci Lewis
    4 years ago

    I am impressed by the vision of your trajectory. Yes! I, too, would like to respond to your op-ed piece and help any way that you might need. Just say the word.

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