Why we’ve gathered? we had gathered to change the world, not only in a way to promote world peace, end war etc… like other great people are doing but to change the youth and make the next generation greater than the past one. we have united to change the reputation of our homes. To bring change in forms of music, art, poetry, theater etc… We will change our communities and try to find a solution for the major problems we have. we united as people from different classes and different races can understand others and relate to their situation. What are we going to do? we will as people from places with abounding problems like drugs, violence, mass incarceration, youth in need of different types of literacy, alcohol abuse and many other complications. we will get further than what others had stereotyped us and we will brake barriers. What is NGLN? next generation leadership network. working with the community of breadloaf we are the young people willing to seek a change. we are leaders participating in our community. we are the next generation of people to seek and create a different story for our communities. Each state has different way of working. Lawrence Mass. works by bringing educational literacy like poetry, shorts stories recreational art etc… to schools and neighborhoods with less economical help, to kids whom may not have enough to seek the help they need and even the ones who do have the right economical aid we bring it to them in all ways. 

Gladdys Jiminian

One Response to “TAKING NEW STEPS

  • Ceci Lewis
    4 years ago

    As I was reading your entry, I thought of all my friends in Lawrence and how rich that community truly is. Perhaps economically it is not as rich as say Andover, but in ways of culture and caring, no city can beat Lawrence. This wealth and this passion are just a few of things you all bring to the NGLN network. Add literacy skills, art, and creativity and you all have the full package. I am so excited about all the wonderful things we will be able to do together.

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