ABL Library Writing Camp

For the next two weeks, ABL will be teaming up with the Lawrence Library to host a series of workshops there from August 1-10. I’ve been able to run workshops these past two days and they have been nothing but amazing. Yesterday I worked with the youth to help them reclaim their names, follow their lineage, and to celebrate the women in their lives through poetry. This morning with the guidance and talent from the lovely ladies of the Lawrence Arts House (as well as a couple social justice artists from Columbia) they were able to help the writers create free libraries that will find a home somewhere in Lawrence. The community will soon be able to have better access to literature no matter where they’re located! We also talked about what a library is beside a place of quiet and research… they brought up this idea of the library is the center of the community. The writers then came up with their own vision of what the library should look like from more teen engagement, study rooms, and even an ABL room! This is a group of kids who willingly decided to spend their summer morning writing, creating, and sharing in a library. I swear this only happens in Lawrence. ♡ 

Amaryllis Lopez

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  • Tom McKenna
    4 years ago

    Lily! What a fresh account of a cool experience. I admire you for investing your talent, vision, energy, and time in this work. I’d love to know why the young people suggested for library design features that would be more engaging for teens. Also, wouldn’t it be cool to document–via video or even still photos– where those free libraries end up?

    Keep up the great work, and tell us more when you can!


  • Dixie Goswami
    4 years ago

    The ABL Library Writing Camp is already a resource across NGLN: thank you Amaryllis. One of the great things about the ABL Library Writing Camp, aside from its immediate and ongoing benefits to all involved locally is its value and spreadability. Most community, rural and urban, have libraries that could be used as a NGLN social action site – serving many purposes – and with transformative potential. Please send notes, quote, advice, and updates to all of us who want to follow and follow-u. xxxDixie

    • Amaryllis Lopez
      4 years ago

      Preach! I’m so thankful to have been able to have experience ABL as a kid and now have the honor of sharing that Bread Love everywhere I go. I’ll be sure to update more!

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