Prompt One

Why have we gathered:

  • Fellowship- Build new cross cultural friendships/relationships.. break the mold
  • Train the trainer advocacy- Firestarter boot camp
  • Renewal and affirmation- It’s refreshing to know that you are are not alone…. challenging the notion that having agency=radicalism
  • Network and share ideas- Learn and build capacity

What are we going to do:

  • Harness and guide untethered inquiry and critical thought of network participants
  • Broaden the “life lens” of the network participants
  • Actualize the “how” now that we know the “what”

Pressing ?s:

  • Capacity to scale the network experience so that more youth are exposed to this experiential learning process… absent of the white noise of life
  • It seems as though the success of the network hinges on connection amongst the participants (both relational as well via technology). How do we ensure that all sites have consistent access to each other using comparable tools (technology).
Tangee Allen

One Response to “Prompt One

  • Lillian Reeves
    4 years ago

    Wow — this is very helpful Tangee. I like a good bulleted list! I especially am drawn to your comments about how we much build our relationships — online and in person — to ensure the success of this work. Absolutely.

    Also — can we talk about “broaden the life lens” of participants? What a powerful conceptualization of what we working toward in our collective. That is a powerful way to establish a foundational description of what is happening in this space — and beyond. I really like that.

    Consistent access…I am thinking about this, too. I love the groupme messages and I love the blog posts. I hope we can fuel these flames, though, by building capacity and sustaining responses to student writing and mentor writing – and lots of DOING.

    Thanks for these wonderful insights.

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