…Father Figure…

I was just a little boy far from my wound 

I only had my mother by my side 

I always ask where is my father ‘is it or he’ real 

Once I seen him that day  ( I was like who are you )

“Fuck you”

My mother filled my wound with nothing but love and understanding 


Where were you when I needed understanding 

Where were you when I wanted to know what a man was

My mother taught me that a man SHOULD take care of their family 

But, again who are you?

I always thought my mother was the man of the house ……Oh wait 


Michael Thomas

3 Responses to “…Father Figure…

  • Tangee Allen
    4 years ago


    I am so immensely proud of your progress and consider myself lucky to be apart of your journey into young adulthood. Continue to challenge yourself to not be afraid of your “greatness” as you have so much to offer this world! I am so excited about our ATL NextGen team and I am looking forward to us making some “Good Trouble” together. #ATL4LIFE #RELUV

  • Lillian Reeves
    4 years ago

    Wow, Michael! This is powerful. I love reading this ode to your mother in a poem titled “Father Figure”. Even though you demonstrate your anger and frustration at not having a father/man in your life, you circle back to the strength of your mother and how able she is to fill any need or void you might feel. I got chills when I read the last lines —

    “I always thought my mother was the man of the house…oh wait/ SHE IS.


    Would you say Father Figure is an ode or a praise song for mothers?

    I love the conflict — and resolution — in the title of the poem and the poem’s content.

  • Ceci Lewis
    4 years ago

    I am floored by the understanding you have of what it means to be a man, a father, a support for a family. This is profound knowledge, Michael. I realize that it comes a great cost, however. I feel the pain. Thank you for writing this and sharing it. What do you think you can do about this issue? I believe you might not be alone in the feelings and experiences that you have had.

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