The Purpose

I believe we’ve gathered here to become a family and encourage each other to make a change and help others as much as we can. You can always share your knowledge but you should also try to learn something from others as well. I think we’re going to explore and try to give ideas to try to help our community back home. There’s always room for improvement and if we don’t take charge and try now, it’s possible that nobody ever will.

This experience is a chance to feed our hunger for knowledge and with the new knowledge we gain, we’ll be able to make a difference. We’re not just clueless kids. We’re people with dreams. Dreams that we’ll be able to make our hometown much better than what it is now. One day our dreams will become a reality and we’ll be able to look back at this experience and say that this gave us the  courage to make it happen. In the words of Ms. Dixie, ” Let’s just do it!”.

We should be able to go back home and encourage others like we were encouraged here. We’re all little glimmers of hope to our community. They’re counting on us to make things better. Let’s shine bright and make our cities proud.


Sameia Brown

3 Responses to “The Purpose

  • Tom McKenna
    4 years ago

    Dear Sameia,

    Your clear and direct words pierced me.

    “We’re not just clueless kids. We’re people with dreams. Dreams that we’ll be able to make our hometown much better than what it is now. .”

    It’s hard to imagine a more concise and authentic mission statement for our NextGen work, and CLEARLY you are FAR from being a “clueless kid.” I sense a great combination of humility, eagerness to learn from others, and conviction in your thinking here. I love that you believe in making our local communities proud.

    I hope everyone in NextGen reads this and thinks about this powerful source of hope and change y’all are when you think in terms of civic pride, in terms of doing what’s good for entire communities.

    THAT is rocket fuel!

    What is it, Sameia, or others, that makes you want to do good for your community? Do you have some chances to do things for the community at school now?


  • Lillian Reeves
    4 years ago

    I have to agree completely with Tom, Sameia. I love what you’ve written here, I am inspired by your defiant determined words, and I see and feel the connectedness you are already building between you and your peers, Allendale and the everywhere else. I admire the confidence your voice brings to our collective, I admire how clearly you know and believe we all have something to give and take from each other, and I believe in your belief that we are rising on the tide of each other’s gifts, talents, skills, passions.

    I love the idea of inspiring others to seek and to know hope, to spread it with audacity, and watch it grow. What tools do you hope to use to bring other young people to join you in this powerful work? And how can community members in and out of the schools aid you in your efforts?

  • Christine Brown
    4 years ago

    I’m elated that you believe that you are the catalyst for the change that is about to come to Allendale! You and Alani are going to do wonderful things in our community. Make it happen!

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