My Purpose For Being Here

    Coming here I was without a doubt confused on what NGLN was about and what it had to offer. That lack of knowledge surely didn’t stop me from coming and I’m thrilled about it. From what I’ve gathered my purpose for being here is to identify the problems in my community and offer change. Since young voices matter now and more people tend to listen, we’re the ones who have the potential to actually make a difference. I’m here to discuss and come up with solutions to the problems I have discovered. Hopefully from this experience I come up with many ways to make a difference or at least try to make bring something great into my town.

   NGLN so far has expanded my ways of thinking. This isn’t the basic or most common way of learning, just sitting down and listening to the adults talk, we talk about real life issues. Our discussions are based on things that are affecting us and we feed off of each other. I’ve never been apart of anything like this and it’s just amazing how great this network has become in such a short time. I see this making an enormous impact in our society in the near future. This could possibly change the world with all the changes we are going to make  

    This program is the start of something great and it’s allowing us youth to think big. This is much bigger than ourselves, we’re starting a movement and I’m thankful to have this opportunity to be here. 

Alani Williams

2 Responses to “My Purpose For Being Here

  • Christine Brown
    4 years ago

    I’ve never experienced anything like this either! We will make things happen in Allendale County first, and then we’ll take it further. I am anxious to see what you and Sameia will bring to our community.

  • Lillian Reeves
    4 years ago

    Your writing here has really moved me. I love more than anything that you got on a plane and flew to Vermont to find out what NGLN is all about, to contribute to this awesome collective, and to see yourself and others here as change agents. You have chosen such power descriptions of who and what this collective is: “we’re starting a movement and I’m thankful to have this opportunity to be here”. I love this line from your post because it illustrates your belief in the future of this work, this collective, and in our ability to impart change where ever we are.

    I also love that you’ve observed that the barriers between adults and young adults have been lowered, everyone here is learning from everyone else, and everyone’s voice is valued and changes what we do even in the moments we are doing it.

    What can we do to make relationships like this possible for other young people in Allendale and beyond? If not in school, where? You are the leader we’ve been waiting for.

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