NextGen-SC: Rural Youth Action Team (Allendale / Aiken, SC)

Sustainable Change

The Rural Youth Advocacy Team (RYAT), located at sites in Allendale and Aiken, SC, is dedicated to using youth ingenuity and knowledge to address pressing community issues and creating catalysts for sustainable change. Together, we hope to identify key issues impacting young people in rural communities and to develop inclusive practices that make it possible for collective action.

Social Action Team Community Mentors

  • Lillian Reeves (e-mail)
  • Christine Brown (Allendale)
  • Kayla Hostetler (Aiken)
  • Bobby Harley (Allendale & Aiken)

Youth Leaders

  • Sameia B. (Allendale)
  • Alani W. (Allendale)
  • Dale C. (Aiken)
  • RJ  C. (Aiken)
  • Rashaad J. (Aiken)
  • Kapono J. (Aiken)
  • NaZae B. (Aiken)

Social Media