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NextGen-SFIS: Santa Fe Indian School

NextGen-SFIS builds on the learning at SFIS where youth grow their understanding of issues facing tribes in the Southwest and commit to maintaining Native American cultural values. SFIS youth participate in the culture of their communities and develop skills to pursue further education or careers that will benefit them, their families, and their people:

  • Creative problem solving, using the analysis of complex problems, the synthesis of collected data, and the communication of clear solutions;
  • Critical, confident, independent and interdependent, life-long learning;
  • Working productively with all types of people and making good choices.

(Santa Fe Indian School)

NextGen-SFIS works with a deep understanding of the importance of indigenous stewardship when implementing a sustainable culture for healthy living. This year, the newly established SFIS NextGen Youth Advisory Board has aligned with the SFIS Green Team and the SFIS Born Braves (LGBTQ2+ & Allies Club) to address specific environmental and social issues on campus. For example, their first project includes a short docu-style series that asks hard questions about the school’s energy usage and lack of accountability when it comes to recycling and composting, specifically within the dormitory. SFIS NextGen will track the school’s progress by committing to releasing an episode a month starting in January of 2020. The project will end in May of 2020 and the final video will recap all of the changes that were implemented throughout the academic year. The videos are intended to be informational but will also include a good dose of humor and will help in reshaping the school’s culture to inspire change from the inside out. SFIS NextGen believes, “It is not enough to put recycling bins where they need to be. We must also change the culture and mindset around why it’s important to recycle and how to use the bins properly. We must change structures that allow progress to slip between the cracks. We must start healthy habits early on. This is everyone’s responsibility. No more dumpster-diving to separate trash from recycling!”

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