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NextGen-La Casa Roja (Navajo Nation and the World)

Global Youth Leadership

La Casa Roja is a non-profit organization founded by Bread Loaf Teacher Network Members Carissa Brownotter, Rex Lee Jim, and Ceci Lewis. The purpose of La Casa Roja Youth Advocacy Team is to promote healthy, sustainable solutions to problems that indigenous youth face. Founded in 2017, La Casa Roja has its roots in activist work in the Bread Loaf Teacher Network, Andover Bread Loaf, and the Navajo Community Health Outreach program. Recognizing that youth are the answer to the current problems that plague the world, La Casa Roja is invested in providing leadership opportunities for indigenous youth globally.

Social Action Team Community Mentors

Youth Leaders

  • Taylor Abasta
  • Amber Billie
  • Mikayla Johnson
  • Dewight Leupp