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NextGen-Andover Bread Loaf (Lawrence, MA)

Creating Opportunity and Overcoming Disadvantages

Andover Bread Loaf’s mission is to promote literacy and educational revitalization in the most economically disadvantaged school systems and communities around the world, particularly in US urban public schools. Founded in 1987, ABL started as a member of the Bread Loaf Teacher Network, a professional development network established by Middlebury College’s Bread Loaf School of English. Andover Bread Loaf is an overarching umbrella of educational and training activities committed to transforming entire educational systems through grassroots movements that include teachers, students, administrators, educational and cultural institutions, university professors and the community itself.

An extreme emphasis on test preparation, combined with limited teacher support and inadequate funding, challenge US public education. Perhaps the greatest toll on students, teachers, and schools are felt in those communities with the largest disadvantaged populations, like Lawrence, MA.

Andover Bread Loaf has responded to this crisis by organizing and coordinating an alternative educational system in Lawrence that is rooted in the community and driven by youth. Over 18 youth organizations, cultural institutions, and community organizations are part of this ABL collective that is intentionally focused on education, social justice, and youth development.

Social Action Team Community Mentors

Youth Leaders

  • Amaryllis Lopez
  • James Mora
  • Monica Sim