Investing in youth

Welcome to La Casa Roja: Transformational Indigenous Leadership Institute! We are excited to help indigenous communities build their human capacities and resources to solve their own problems through critical and creative thinking in order to sustain stronger, healthier communities. At La Casa Roja, we provide research and network based leadership programs for indigenous peoples focusing on young people, women, elders, and individuals with unique challenges.

La Casa Roja’s Youth Leadership Program includes a Youth Advocacy Team. This team promotes healthy, sustainable solutions to problems that indigenous youth face. La Casa Roja’s Youth Leadership Program has its roots in health improvement works by the Navajo Community Health Outreach Youth Leadership Program and activist works in the Bread Loaf Teacher Network, and the Andover Bread Loaf. Recognizing that youth are the answer to the current problems that plague our world, La Casa Roja is invested in providing leadership opportunities for indigenous youth globally.

The experience we gained from working youth leaders in the Navajo Community Health Outreach (NCHO) program validates our beliefs that youth can make positive changes in their communities. We have witnessed this when the NCHO youth leaders hosted youth conferences on Navajo, built gardens in their communities, and participated in Navajo events that focused on healthier life choices.

We are excited to expand our work by working with youth from other parts of the country and other countries. We need to empower our youth to solve many of the problems that our generation created.

Rex Lee Jim

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