This is my first time here in Vermont and Bread loaf, so it’s all a new thing. The whole writing thing, here is different. It’s somewhat uncomfortable, but then again the comfort zone doesn’t move you anywhere. The way that they, teachers and students, act and communicate is a NEW. It’s a good kind of new but at the same time it’s a little unnerving.

The whole thing of coming here was a little sudden, but I didn’t know it was going have different kinds of types of writing. I came here for a reason, learn how to be a better writer. I told my cousin that I was going to beat him up with words. Weird right? well that’s how my connection is with my family. I usually can write 1,000 words easily, but that’s when I have a prompt that I know a lot about and have thought how I was going to go through with this.

Other people will  have came here multiple times and know how things go around here. But i am lost! I don’t know where to go or what have to do. Even if I am at home I sometimes feel lost. I hate that this is going to be a long day, I’m not one to be “ peaceful”, I get restless when I can’t move around. I’m also tired, really, really tired back home its different I don’t feel sleepy. well I am still a little off my usual bedtime, so maybe that’s the thing.

*yawn* Man I think I’m done for today, I’ll try and write again. this was a little of topic and/or the subjects varied between different things but i hope that you all enjoy!!

-thank you, see you later!


Mikayla J.**off-line!**

Mikayla Johnson

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