SC Next Gen Aiken Update by Kapono Johnson

At the last meeting we met and made our plans clear with what we wanted to do with North Aiken Elementary school.

We are purposing to conduct an after-school program at your elementary location. We would need access to a gym and a place like a cafeteria to hold tutoring. We would like to hold the program on Tuesdays and Thursday from April 9-May 4th.
The program structure is below:
2:30pm-4:15 homework/tutoring/literacy/snacks
4:15-5:15 Basketball
5:15-5:30 Mentoring
5:30 Parent Pick Up
We would present the program to the kids and then would break the kids into groups of five. Each group will have a high school student (who has been vetted) as a tutor and basketball skill instructor.

We contacted the school and they are willing to let us work with the kids. We are meeting with them to plan and put the approval in for our school district.

We are making steps forward.
Lillian Reeves

2 Responses to “SC Next Gen Aiken Update by Kapono Johnson

  • Tom McKenna
    6 months ago

    Dear Kapono and Team Aiken,

    It’s great to hear of this plan. As an elementary principal, I would welcome an initiative like this–one that sounds like a great mix of fun and academics, and maybe even fun academics– to my school. Please keep us posted on all of it. I’m curious, for example, what you have in mind for the mentoring portion of the sessions.

    With admiration,

  • Louis Bernieri
    6 months ago

    This is mad cool, Lil!

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