My Experience At The SEF Conference in Atlanta Georgia

Hey, my name is Rameka Johnson and I am apart of WTS Louisville. I had an awesome time in Atlanta and I am enjoying being apart of the NGLN team. Before I arrived, I was nervous for what kind of atmosphere to expect. But once getting there and getting situated, I felt included and I was enlightened. I really enjoyed the speech by Nikole Hannah Jones on modern day segregation in schools. As part of WTS, I’ve been trying to crack down on the problem of separations in high schools and her speech was just awesome and served for another link on my journey. Through her research she discovered that segregation in schools is based on poverty and ethnicity and this widens the achievement gap. I owe a big thanks to the NGLN community for making this happen!   

Rameka Johnson

One Response to “My Experience At The SEF Conference in Atlanta Georgia

  • Dear Rameka,

    I’m glad to know that the Atlanta visit was positive for you, and that you were particularly inspired by Nikole Hanna Jones. I noticed she’s a recent MacArthur Genius Fellow. What an amazing honor. I just listened to this three-minute video of her talking about her work: As a school administrator myself, I”ll be thinking about her statement that our racial divides in our schools are the product of daily intentional decisions. I’ll start the new year asking my self how my decisions may or may not empower or disenfranchise students and families.

    Do you recall specific parts of her talk that resonated for you in Atlanta?



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