Rural Youth Action Team

On this past Wednesday Mrs. Brown, Alani, and myself attended a meeting at the University of Salkehatchie. During this meeting we discussed our plans for our upcoming project. As you all may know, we intend to help our younger South Carolinians with their schoolwork. We plan to tutor grades 3-6 once we have the approval from the principals. At the meeting we had the opportunity to read a piece of Amaryllis’s writing. This poem had everyone’s attention. IT WAS SO GOOD!!!!


Just made this post to keep you all informed on what us South Carolinians were up to.

Sameia Brown

One Response to “Rural Youth Action Team

  • Lou Bernieri
    1 month ago

    Hi Sameia, Exciting news that you’ll be working with the little ones! See if they will allow you to write and share some simple poetry with them. If you do that, you’ll see how quickly you can build a little literary community. I have some very easy prompts I could share that work with little kids and big ones. Keep up the great work!

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